Zambian government warns unscrupulous cattle and beef transporters

The permanent secretary of the Zambian Department of Livestock and Fisheries, David Shamulenge, has issued a stern warning against the illegal transportation of livestock and beef carcasses amidst an anthrax outbreak. Shamulenge confirmed receiving reports that beef was moving illegally from Western Province to Lusaka and other parts of Zambia.

This has raised fears that the deadly disease might spread even further and put human live at risk.

Reliable sources told that government officials tasked with controlling the movement of beef carcasses were colluding with transporters to bypass stringent quarantine measures.

Shamulenge said that moving beef carcasses without following due procedure increase the likelihood of anthrax spreading to other parts of Zambia significantly. “This will not be allowed, and it is the one reason I’m visiting this province,” he said.

Shamulenga said his ministry would soon set up an inspectorate to curb such malpractices. According to sources, junior officers were issuing photocopied clearance documents to transporters at a fee in violation of protocol that only allowed the provincial veterinary officer to issue such documents.

“These people are making money from desperate transporters who have to get the meat to Lusaka. As you would imagine, this is a huge loss of revenue to government,” said the source.

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