High demand for SA Tuli cattle from neighbours

There has been high demand for Tuli breeding material from South Africa’s neighbours over the past two years. In 2016, five stud bulls and ten heifers were exported to Namibia, while more than 100 female animals were exported to Zimbabwe.

At two previous Tuli auctions, another four stud bulls and about thirty female animals were bought by a Zimbabwean breeder. Alwyn Marx from Burgersdorp sold a stud bull from his Alfa and Omega stud for R100 000 (US$7 626) to a Namibian breeder. There is also constant demand for Tuli cattle from Botswana.

According to Charl van Rooyen, a breed advisor from the Tuli Cattle Breeders’ Society of South Africa, the adaptability, polled characteristic and tolerance of the breed is highly rated by neighbouring countries’ cattle farmers as well as existing cattle farmers and emerging farmers.

Tuli cows with their calves grazing on veld.

During the production auction of Alpha and Omega there was a request for cattle of high quality. The prices of the six most expensive bulls ranged between R50 000 (US$3 813) and R84 000 (US$6 406). At the auction sale of Rits Tuli’s from the Van der Walt-brothers from Venterstad, there was a demand for heifers. Pregnant heifers were sold for between R18 000 (US$1 372) and R30 000 (US$2287) each.

At the recent Nampo harvest day, where Tuli cattle made a very good impression on visitors, the biggest interest was from African farmers. Local emerging farmers made inquiries on calving ease and low input costs.

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