Learn from a legend

Lindiwe Sithole, host of African Farming Season 2, had the privilege of witnessing how the legendary Abel Naphtaly farms. “What makes him successful is the way he has gathered wisdom and knowledge over the years, and implements it on his farm every day,” she says. 

Naphtaly’s passion for farming and his legacy are what drives him to grow his brand. “He treats his animals like they are part of his family,” Sithole adds. She says Naphtaly is an expert in his own right, not unlike the studio experts she chats to during the episode. 

Dr Thapelo Makae, a veterinarian with Elanco, says prevention is better than cure when caring for one’s animals. “Abel is a leader in his field: farmers around him look up to him,” Dr Makae says.

Emerging farmers aspiring to such high ideals should implement a good vaccination programme and diligently keep records, he explains. “To prevent the spreading of diseases one has to have a solid biosecurity policy.” 

Auctions play a vital role in creating trade opportunities for the emerging farmer with a small number of animals, as they don’t necessarily have the marketing resources of commercial farmers. Dr Makae says emerging farmers could learn a lot from going to auctions. 

It takes a lot of planning for animals to be auction-ready, he adds. “When selling animals at an auction, you have to present a record of your vaccinations and the history of your herd’s health, which is why it is important to be up to date. It is just as important to inspect the records of the animals you want to buy at an auction thoroughly.” 

Elanco believes that raising healthy animals limits the potential for disease spread, supports farmers’ livelihoods, and provides nutrient-rich meat, milk and eggs to nourish and support human health.

Through the company’s products and services, it improves the health of animals by supporting the prevention, control and treatment of disease.

Guided by the vision of Food and Companionship Enriching Life, Elanco ensures integrity, affordability and availability of the food supply, and helps to raise animals more efficiently through supporting healthier people and a healthier environment.

Elanco™ helpline: 0861 777 735

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