Livestock minister warns against ‘deadly anthrax’

“Anthrax is deadly.” A dire warning from Zambian Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Michael Katambo to communities in the anthrax hit Western Province.

The minister was in the Kalabo district on behalf President Edgar Lungu, who wanted the outbreak to be brought under control swiftly. Three people there have died of anthrax poisoning after eating infected meat.

“Bury or burn the carcasses. And please don’t touch animals suspected to have died of anthrax. Inform extension officers in your areas. Anthrax is deadly and kills people,” Katambo said.

Incidences of anthrax poisoning in Western Province was first reported in November 2016, and confirmed earlier this month. So far 67 animals have died and more than 46,000 were at risk. Kalabo, Limulunga, Nalolo and Shangombo were affected.

About 36,000 doses of vaccine have already been delivered and quarantine measures remain in place. “We are continuing with restricting the movements of animals from Western Province to stop the disease from spreading,” he said.

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