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Red locusts damage maize fields in Central Province

Red locusts have attacked 800 hectares of maize fields in Central Province. Vice president Inonge Wina has already directed provincial authorities to swiftly coordinate with the International Red Locusts Control for Southern and Central Africa (IRLCo-CSA).

According to provincial minister Sydney Mushanga, Itezhi-tezhi and Mumbwa districts are the most affected.

“We would like to appeal for help to put down the red locusts that have invaded more than 800 hectares of maize fields,” Mushanga said. Wina visited him at his office during a visit to the province to assess earlier flood damage to houses.

She ordered the minister to coordinate with IRLCo-CSA. It is already conducting aerial spraying for the red locust plague in the Kafue plains where it was first spotted in December 2016.

“Government has released money to fight the red locusts, and you must quickly coordinate with IRLCo in Ndola to bring the situation under control,” Wina said.

Central province was recently also hit by army worm and stalk borer.

Last week IRLCo deployed a plane and 20 motorised sprayers to fight the red locusts in the Kafue flood plains. The exercise is expected to take 21 days.

IRLCo-CSA director Moses Okhoba said spraying exercise will be extended to Lukanga and Mweru wa Ntipa swamps which were potential outbreak areas.

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