Zambian maize exports still standing until new year

The Zambian maize export ban would probably stay in place until February, despite current stocks being sufficient to supply local demand. This was the outcome of a recent meeting held to discuss issues in the Zambian grain industry. Exporting partners agreed not to export maize until after a stakeholders’ review meeting scheduled to take place in February.

According to a statement from the Zambian National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) it was up to government to curb illegal maize exports and to enforce the export ban on maize and mealie meal.

A ban on maize export tax

Stakeholders also called for the removal of the proposed 10% export tax announced during the 2017 budget speech. The proposed 10% export tax would render Zambian maize uncompetitive in the regional markets especially after bumper harvests where there was excess maize on the market said the ZNFU.


The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) was advised not to buy or sell any maize in the private sector, or to allow direct trade between different parties in the private sector. According to those present, the estimated FRA maize stock of 300 000 tons is sufficient to prevent any food crisis in the 2016/17 marketing season.

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