A new Ford bakkie is here!

With V6 diesel power, a wider load bay, improved off-road capability and better ride quality, the first new Ranger in a decade has a lot to get a farmer excited. Here is what we know.

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How to graze your veld

To make money from livestock, you need to know how to graze your veld effectively. Yet choosing the right grazing system for your farm can be tricky and expensive. Here’s some advice.

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Dirty wool can cost you dearly

A untidy shearing shed is the reason why plastics, twine or even wire end up in wool bales. This not only seriously damages the reputation of a valuable South African farming export, it can also result in huge claims against buyers, processors and you, the farmer – specially if it can be traced back to your farm. Here’s how to avoid this problem.

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Ask the vet: Bluetongue in sheep

Bluetongue is one of the most economically important diseases in sheep, especially in nonindigenous wool and mutton breeds. It is a notifiable disease in terms of the South African Animal Diseases Act, Act 35 of 1984. This means outbreaks of bluetongue have to be reported to veterinary authourities, even if there is only a suspicion of the disease.

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Farmers’ Diaries: Maria Tswayi

The rains have come, crops are planted and animals vaccinated. Now its making sure everything – from plants to animals – grow as best they can. A few farmers share their summer plans with us.

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