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Zambians arrested for illegal fishing in Zambezi region

According to the Republikein, a total of 29 Zambians were arrested for illegal fishing in the Muyako area near Ngoma in the Zambezi region.

According to a crime report released by the police earlier this morning, the arrests were made after the police conducted a routine inspection in the area.

The suspects will appear in court today facing charges of contravention of the Fisheries Act.

Meanwhile, the police will continue with the investigation.

Africanfarming recently reported that last year Zambia imported 126 345 tons of fish. About 89% of imports were from Namibia, while the rest are from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Asia and Europe. Additionally, there were informal imports totaling about 5 000 tons.”

With 40% of Southern Africa’s freshwater resources, Zambia served as a major fish producer. However, the country’s fish stock has become depleted due to over fishing and bad fishing practices.

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