AFGRI is expanding its focus area

During the 13th episode of African Farming, the agricultural television show on Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), Praveen Dwarika, Managing Director of Lemang Agricultural Services, explained to the show’s host, Angie Khumalo, what AFGRI’s role in the agricultural sector is.

Not only does AFGRI stock John Deere implements, they also provide a host of other services to all farmers, from new-era farmers, to the big players like Bheki Mhlane on his sugarcane farm, Phelandama, in Umzinto on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

“Yes, indeed AFGRI is one of the biggest suppliers of John Deere implements in the world. AFGRI Equipment is not only the largest John Deere dealer in South Africa but in the Southern Hemisphere. This is due to our AFGRI Equipment Australia businesses. With being the biggest agency comes the excellent aftersales services we offer.

“Then, in terms of grain storage and handling, we are one of the largest storers of grain in the country, insofar as our silo network is concerned. It is scattered across the country to take care of all the different grain producing areas. We have deliberately done that to make sure we offer farmers the opportunity to deliver grain at the shortest possible distance from the farm. 

“The black farming sector has by and large been neglected,” Dwarika said. “It was always called the emerging farming sector; we’ve moved away from that. We now call it new-era farming.

“Within the greater AFGRI group, we cover the end-to-end value chain of agriculture. We literally start from the land acquisition to the inputs financing, to the crop production. All of that right up to importing and exporting too. 

“Certainly, at the moment we are putting a lot of effort into developing the black farmer sector, because we really feel that new-era farmers are a big part of the future of farming in our beautiful country.

AFGRI is a leading agricultural services company and as a partner in agriculture they provide services across the entire grain production and storage cycle. AFGRI offers financial support and solutions, as well as inputs and hi-tech equipment, supported by a large retail footprint. AFGRI’s passion for the development of new-era farmers, through the Lemang Agricultural Services’ training programme is developing strong future farmers.

The company’s vision is to unlock agricultural potential, not only in South Africa but Africa and in doing so, ensure food security across the continent. 

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