AFGRI offers training to help your farm grow

During the ninth episode of African Farming, the agricultural television show on Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), Sylvester Lubambo, a Lemang Training and Development Manager, explained to the show’s host, Angie Khumalo, why it’s beneficial for farmers to receive training from experts and how that could benefit their farming business.

South Africa’s first black female winemaker, Ntsiki Biyela, started showing an interest in agriculture at a young age, while growing up in her grandparents’ house in Emahlabathini, KZN, where they farmed with cattle and goats. After receiving a scholarship, she moved to the Western Cape to study the fine art of winemaking.

Today, she is an award-winning winemaker and her range of Aslina wines are sold all over South Africa and the world.

For Biyela to become successful, she had to be trained by, and worked with experts to gain knowledge about her trade.

At AFGRI Lemang Agricultural Services, they also offer training.

“We don’t only train farmers on the latest technology, we also offer various courses to farmers, depending on what they want to learn,” said Lubambo.

“Farmers can come to us if they want to do a course in accounting or marketing, or if they need help with farm planning. We sit down with them, guide them on which course to take and then help them to complete the course.

“What is good about it, is that all the courses we offer are accredited by AgriSETA. On completion, the student receives a certificate of attendance. But above all, they obtained knowledge to take their business further. To be a farmer, you need to acquire the knowledge we offer in our courses.”

Lemang Agricultural Services offer both farmers and corporates a variety of training and development choices, with the aim of supporting new era farmers in a way that ensures they are viable, independent, and economically successful.

Their approach draws on almost a century of experience in agriculture, in support of continued food security, prosperity and sustainability across South Africa. Lemang unlock the potential of new era farmers and their land, through training, mentorship, technical assistance, and exposure, increasing agricultural productivity and access to markets.

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