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African Farming Episode 11: Tshilidzi Matshidzula – A Farming Legend at 31! (Full Episode)

Not only is Tshilidzi Matshidzula one of the best dairy farmers at the country, he also made history when he won the coveted Eastern Cape Young Farmer of the Year award back in 2016, the first black farmer to ever do so. It was the first of many historic firsts, and today, at just 31, this youngster that goes by the name of Chilli, is already one of South Africa’s black farming legends. But as with most things worth having, success didn’t come easy. It took Chilli years of hard-working, tough negotiations and a little luck to transform a failed land-reform project into a viable, world-class dairy that today milks an impressive 1000 cows. With the help of his friend, mentor and fellow shareholder in the business, the commercial dairy farmer Walter Biggs, Chilli then went and double his farming output with another operation at Stutterheim, that also can milk 1000 cattle!

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