African Farming Episode 2 – Palesa Moahlodi never gave up! (Full Episode)

You don’t have to start big to end up super successful. Ask Palesa Moahlodi, an impressive gogo what made do with what she had when she started farming full-time in 2010 with broiler chickens and vegetables on her and her husband’s small plot in Bloemfontein. From there she never looked back, and today Palesa and her husband, Challa, an agriculturalist and soil scientist, own a 1300ha sweetveld farm outside Boshof in the Free State. Here in the heart of South Africa’s cattle country they manage a 120 Brangus and Bonsmara herd so expertly, their efforts have caught the eye of top South African cattle producer the Sernick Group. But het efforts don’t stop there – today Palesa has also added a 75-sow unit piggery to her business! Her stunning farming efforts have seen her win multiple awards, among them the Agricultural Research Council’s Emerging Beef Farmer of the Year in 2018.

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