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African swine fever continues to spread in Zambia

Authorities say about 1 800 pigs in Zambia have already died from African swine fever (ASF) and the disease is spreading from Luapula Province.

The Zambian government has already allocated more than K70 000 to combat the disease.

“We are tightening preventative measures such as quarantining affected areas and building awareness and culling of pigs,” said Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Michael Katambo.

An updated survey of the situation in Luapula and revised figures by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries indicate that more than 1 800 pigs have died since the disease broke out in October 2017. The survey also shows the areas affected by ASF include districts in Muchinga Province.

“A serological survey, together with laboratory data, have enabled us to identify the areas covered by the disease. The areas cover much of Luapula and include parts of Muchinga where mortality is substantial,” said an impeccable source in the ministry.

According to the source, government released K68 840 to control the situation, but more money is likely needed. He said the reported figures could be grossly underestimated, as there are very few veterinary field staff members available to cover the affected areas.

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