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AgDevCo partners with MozAgri to provide more markets for livestock farmers

AgDevCo’s Smallholder Development Unit (SDU) has partnered with Mozambican livestock company MozAgri to help smallholder farmers.

Through the partnership, roughly 9 500 farmers will see an increase in productivity and income.

MozAgri, established in 2009, supplies improved genetics and buys fully-grown goats from 6 000 local farmers across a wide area. Through this support, smallholder farmers in the Manica province will have access to new buying centres as well as training opportunities and extension services.

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MozAgri also provides processing services to ensure farmers have a market to sell goats and cattle.

“I am excited that the SDU is working in regions where smallholder farming can be challenging,” said Sandi Roberts, SDU Programme Manager.

The SDU aims to develop and extend relationships between SMEs and smallholder farmers.

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Around 55 000 farmers across agriculture value chains including tea, groundnuts, rice, maize and livestock already receive valuable assistance from the SDU in eight African countries, with support from the Mastercard Foundation.

AgDevCo is well-rooted in Mozambique and has 17 projects in the country. It includes processing, sugar, livestock, fruit, poultry, seed and honey.

The SDU plans to use US$11.5million more and support a further 18 outgrower schemes over the next three years.


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