Agritech Expo Zambia 2018: Agrico talks irrigation

“Agrico has been active in Zambia for about 25 years through agents, but we now have 2 of our own branches in Lusaka and Mukishi.”

Agrico is a returning exhibitor at Agritech Expo Zambia and is contributing to the onsite preparation with specialist irrigation equipment. Here’s an interview with Marketing and Operational Director Alfred Andrag.

Welcome back to Agritech Expo! We are thrilled to have you on board again. Let’s start with some background on Agrico and the products and services that you offer in Zambia?
Agrico offers irrigation systems of any kind, turn-key projects, as well as Agrico manufactured products including Agrico centre pivots and implements.

Any particular projects in the agricultural industry in the region that you are involved in that you are particularly excited about?
We’re excited about the many centre pivot irrigation projects we’re involved in.

What are you contributing to the onsite preparation for Agritech Expo Zambia in Chisamba – what is unique about this technology?
We’re setting up Agrico pivot, internet control, irrigation components, and Agrico implements.

How important is renewable energy for the future of agricultural development in the country? Any success stories you can share?
An economical irrigation system should be designed to run 24/7. Therefore, if renewables are used this has to be considered. We have many solar projects for part time irrigation, filling water tanks etc.

For proper irrigation, the source has to be available for long hours or be supplemented with other sources. We have a number of hydroelectric installations that supply sufficient energy to power an irrigation system.

How long has Agrico been active in Zambia? Please tell us more about what it is like to be a supplier in this country?
For many years, around 25 years or so, we worked with agents in Zambia. Two years ago we opened our own branch in Lusaka. Business has been so good that last year we bought Multicrop to acquire extra capacity to meet the growing demand. We now run branches in Lusaka and Mukushi.

Are there a lot of South African farmers in Zambia? Are they successful?
Yes, apart from the many farmers from Zimbabwe, there are quite a few South Africans that see the good opportunities in Zambia. Because they are knowledgeable and hardworking, they are successful.

What advice would you give South African farmers that want to go and farm in Zambia?
Choose an area with good water. That will guarantee a good return. Be aware of the high costs in Zambia, for example for services, infrastructure creation, living expenses, transport of products etc. and budget for these.

How important is Agritech Expo Zambia as an annual forum for the farming sector in this region?
It’s the main event in Zambia.

What will be your message at Agritech Expo Zambia this year?
Agrico has the technology available to enable the farmer to manage his irrigation and farm better, making bigger profit. This is backed up by service direct from the manufacturer.

Visit the Agrico website for more on their products and services.

This year’s Agritech Expo Zambia takes place from 12 to 14 April. Click here to visit their website.

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