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Dr Obakeng Mfikwe, profitable commercial farmer from Rietfontein in the North West province, is an avid supporter of John Deere and loves to invest in some of the latest technologies available on the market. He started with 150 000 broiler chickens about a decade ago, but since then expanded his farming business by adding cattle, maize and other crops.

Angie Khumalo, presenter of Mzansi Wethu’s new show African Farming, visited his farm during episode eight of the series. She noticed that he loves technology and strives to be ahead of the game. 

“When John Deere release new machinery with top-class technology, he is on it. This is why we look up to him and say, ‘Wow, we want to be like you’,”  she said. 

Khumalo asked Paseka Maqaza, Marketer for John Deere, if it is possible for farmers to utilise the latest technologies from John Deere, by applying for financial assistance. 

“Every John Deere dealer has financial representatives as part of his team,” he said.

“They are able to go out into the field to assist a farmer and from there onwards help him to apply for financial assistance by following a process. If everything runs smoothly and the farmer qualifies for assistance from John Deere Financial, they become part of the John Deere family.” 

Even during these tough economic times John Deere Financial believe they can offer farmers creative financial solutions that make the latest technologies more accessible. According to them agriculture is still one of the most dynamic sectors to conduct business in. The company recognises Africa’s untapped agricultural potential and the important role present stakeholders plays in this sector, to create economic opportunities. 

The cost of, and access to credit is a source of concern for many modern agribusinesses, but that should not stop emerging farmers from reaching their full potential. John Deere Financial would like to help producers overcome this obstacle and as such support clients with quick and easy credit processes for financing of new John Deere equipment.

Their agricultural asset finance packages are structured according to the specific circumstances and mechanisation requirements of a farmer. This unique finance option is available for any new farming equipment, subject to purchase at an authorised John Deere dealer.

This includes flexible lending periods that translate into more affordable deals for the farmer. A relationship manager is on hand to supply farmers with detailed information on the most advantageous structuring of instalments. John Deere Financial also offer competitive interest rates on all new John Deere equipment and promise product support and excellent after-sale services. 

For information: contact your nearest John Deere dealer, or John Deere at, 080 098 3821.

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