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Boost for Zambia’s small-scale Moringa producers

An outgrower scheme, initiated by Small-Scale Industries Association of Zambia (SSIAZ), will benefit 100 000 Zambian smallholder moringa producers. According to SSIAZ, smallholder farmers will be paid K200 000 per hectare of planted Moringa under its partnership with a local firm, Sakaximbi.

“We initially targeted a small number of producers and anticipate the number will grow to 100 000 small-scale producers of Moringa in the next three years,” said SSIAZ President Annie Kabayi.

Kabayi said the initiative will focus on helping farmers acquire irrigation equipment to enable them to cultivate Moringa throughout the year. Local producers will also get much-needed access to money to buy the expensive Moringa seed.

Moringa, sometimes called the “Miracle Tree,” is one of the most nutritionally dense plants in the world. Every part of it can be consumed or used in some way. As a result, local and international demand has been on the rise.

Available data shows the global market size for Moringa products is currently approximately US$4 billion and is growing at an incredible rate of 9% per year. By 2020, it will be a US$7 billion market. Growth is driven by several categories, including nutritional supplements, snack foods, beverages and organic personal care products.

It is this market the partnership between SSIAZ and Sakaximbi wants to explore by using the crop to manufacture various beauty, medicinal and beauty products.

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