Cattle agent leaves TikTok audience speechless

A cattle agent went viral in a recent TikTok video with his fluent use of isiZulu.

Mr. Ollie Aadnesgaard, cattle agent at AAM Vee Agente, raised eyebrows when he shared details of an upcoming market exclusively in fluent isiZulu. This video footage was shared on AAM Vee Agente’s Tiktok account created by Aadnesgaard. The Tiktok profile was created to connect with potential customers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Thousands of South Africans, mostly isiZulu speakers, praised Aadnesgaard on the online platform for his efforts to ensure he uses more than one official South African language. The response to the suddenly viral footage, which was simply uploaded to be an informational video, has stunned Aadnesgaard’s expectations with thousands of comments and over 788 000 views.

“We are in awe of the response that we have received. This is huge for the profile of AAM. We have thrived to be an inclusive business that relies on cattle being brought to the auction by both commercial and emerging farmers. This has been the goal for 19 years,” says Aadnesgaard.

By Aadnesgaard’s choice of language to present his updates about an upcoming market, he guaranteed inclusiveness for all his customers and target market. “This has been such a humbling experience. The responses of all South Africans have been fantastic. We are hugely encouraged by the positivity that all have shared with us! We are determined to leverage off this and further increase inclusivity and engagement with our clients, no matter from which walk of life they come,” says Aadnesgaard.

“Our commonality is cattle, and our love of cattle. We implore all South Africans to join in,” he adds.

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