Chicken farmers ask for better training

Chicken farmers in the egg business said inadequate training was industry’s primary challenge. Farmers in the Lusaka area discussed the major stumbling blocks to profitable layer operations at a recent meeting, near Lusaka organised by the Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ).

“Farmers resolved that there is a need to undertake training in costing so that they can make informed decisions when pricing their eggs,” said PAZ in a statement. There was general consensus that training events should also cover biosecurity and vaccination to keep poultry layer units disease free.

A decision was taken to hold two training sessions for farmers, in Lusaka and in the Copperbelt.

Industry stakeholders, farmers, PAZ and the chairman of the Soweto Chicken and Egg Traders Association, discussed the reduced market price of eggs and strategies to control and manage the current outbreak of bronchitis in the poultry sector.

Because about 25% of Zambian eggs are exported to the Congo DRC, political instability in the DRC is seen as one of the greater challenges facing the egg industry.

Farmers resolved to engage with government on the issue of the tax burden the industry has to face at various points in the value chain. This matter needed some air if production costs were to be reduced, said members.

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