Drier conditions some relief for saturated soils

The seasonal rainfall patterns are weakening over southern Africa after torrential rain caused soil saturation and flooding in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa.

According to the American Climate Prediction Centre (CPC) last week was the first week since the start of the rainy season in December, with average rainfall records for southern Africa showing below average.

This is good news for most parts of Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, where heavy rain, during the past two and a half months, has saturated the soil and caused flood conditions.

Rainfall predictions

According to the weekly CPC Outlook for Africa report, moderate chances of below average rainfall can be expected over southern Angola, northern Namibia and Botswana until Thursday next week.

The eastern Zambia, Malawi, southern Tanzania and the northern parts of Mozambique, can expect more rain during the same period.

There is an increased chance of moderate rainfall for two or more days in most of Zambia, the central and northern parts of Zimbabwe, Malawi, the northern part of Mozambique and the southern parts of Tanzania. Local centres in these areas have a chance of heavy rainfall.

Moderate rainfall is expected for the north eastern and central parts of South Africa at the start of the weekend.

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