Drum mulcher gives Wuhlf’s Buffel kick

Wuhlf Equipment, which is based in Pretoria, South Africa, manufactures and distributes equipment like front end loaders, forklifts and associated attachments for the Southern African market.

These attachments are designed to fit to its front end loaders and forklifts through quick couplers and plug-hydraulics and can easily be attached and removed by one person. The company’s drum mulcher, which attaches to its ZA20F Buffel front end loader, is an example of this and can churn through everything from small shrubs to medium-sized trees with its circular saw.

Watch a video of the Buffel in action here.

The Buffel was developed to specifically clear fields of encroaching bush for agricultural use and makes use of a propulsion system that maintains constant engine speed. This provides additional power to drive the Buffel’s attachments, like the drum mulcher, while still allowing the vehicle to accelerate and decelerate without affecting the mulcher’s speed since it can break or get stuck at low speed.

Wuhlf overcame this problem by using a closed circuit hydrostatic propulsion system that drives all of its four wheel drive vehicles, while allowing space for hydrostatic attachments driven by hydrostatic pumps. The Buffel also makes use of an articulated steering mechanism.

Hydrostatic propulsion is usually used in sliding wheel drive forklifts to drive these machines’ right and left wheels, but these kinds of forklifts are difficult to operate as they make use of a sliding technique to steer. The Buffel makes use of an articulated steering mechanism, which makes for easier driving and operation.

Wuhlf manufactures some of its machinery in South Africa, which allows for better quality control since finished products can be inspected at the manufacturing site. “We have an eye on the American and European markets, as well as the rest of Africa – especially Southern Africa. Wuhlf has filled orders for clients in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and Zambia,” says mr. Johan Grobler, director.

The ZA20F Buffel blade mulcher costs R 695 000.00 excluding VAT, while the drum mulcher costs R 675 000.00 excluding VAT.

Take a look at the Wuhlf Buffel mulcher specification sheet.

Visit www.wuhlf.co.za for more information and products.

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