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€5 million to aid Zambia’s battle against poaching

The European Union (EU) has given Zambia €5 million to help it curb wildlife poaching.

EU Programme Manager Friedrich Mahler said Zambia is rapidly losing iconic species due to the crime perpetrated by locals with the backing of international criminal syndicates.

“Protecting fauna remains a huge challenge despite the many efforts of stakeholders. The funding will help to strengthen community participation in conservation and enforcement initiatives,” Mahler said.

Wildlife trafficking is estimated to generate more than US$10 billion annually, closely following the drug trade, arms trade, and human trafficking. The illegal wildlife trade is said to be fueling poaching of Africa’s iconic species.

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Mahler said the EU supported the Southern African strategic approach to halting poaching, having disbursed €30 million to support similar initiatives in the region. Among the other beneficiaries were Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

In Zambia and Zimbabwe the partnership for improved anti-poaching and compatible land use in community lands of the Lower Zambezi-Mana pools will reduce illegal wildlife trade and enhance habitat of fauna.

Other programmes included the sustainable management of wildlife and law enforcement that covers part of Malawi-Zambia Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA).

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