Emerging farmers in SA offer help during drought

Amidst the ongoing drought in South Africa bringing hundreds of farmers to their knees, emerging farmers in the Taung district in the Northern Cape are committed to helping their fellow farmers in need.

Michael Donaldson, a lucerne farmer at Donaldson Farming, said he approached emerging farmers to be part of an initiative to support fellow producers. Roughly 80 emerging farmers from the Taung district agreed to donate a bale of feed each.

“Although these farmers only farm 10 ha, they’re still willing to help,” said Donaldson. These donations are going towards Burre Burger’s drought relief project. Burger has already distributed more than 100 loads of feed across the country

Henning Myburgh, head of Agri Northern Cape, said he is incredibly happy and thankful that farmers from the Northern Cape are making donations. Meanwhile, drought conditions are still dire in especially the Western Cape.

Farmers are battling with feed and water shortages due to insufficient rainfall and average dam levels across the province for the week starting on 23 October were 36.5%, compared to 62% over the same period last year.

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