Cyclone Enawo brings drier conditions for Southern Africa

Cyclone Enawo, which made landfall in Madagascar, will lead to drier conditions over parts of Southern Africa over the next few days.

This is in contrast to cyclone Dineo, which caused heavy downpours in the north of South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The South African Weather Service says the system is no cause for concern in the country.

The Botswana Department of Meteorological Services yesterday released an advisory saying Enawo will deprive Botswana of tropical moisture, resulting in below average rainfall.

According to the advisory, the weather system will lead to dry spells over most of Botswana, except for the extreme northern parts, where isolated thundershowers can be expected between the 8th of March and the beginning of next week.

In the latest Africa Monsoon Weekly, released by the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there is an increased chance of below average rainfall over parts of Botswana, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and the southern parts of Mozambique until the start of next week.

The service, however, warns about moderate chances of above average rainfall over the southern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia at that time.

Cyclone Enawo

According to the SA Weather Service, the Intense Tropical Cyclone just made landfall in the north-eastern part of Madagascar. It will bring winds averaging 220 km/h and torrential rains.

Forecasts show the cyclone moving in a southward track across the interior, bringing much needed rain over the area, which currently suffers from drought.

Forecasts show the weather system will move over the country until Friday.

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