Ethiopia to set up 5 horticultural farm parks for exports

The Ethiopian government plans to set up 5 big clusters of horticulture farms to help shift the focus of the sector to export-oriented productivity.

Deputy Ethiopian Investment Commissioner Belachew Mekuria said the plan entails setting up horticultural farm parks in selected areas that have access to one-stop export processing services and air freight to international markets.

Clusters are prepared in Bahir Dar, Hawassa, Arbaminch, and parts of northern Ethiopia. “It is improper to let an industry with such high job creation potential, and which plays an important role in generating foreign currency, to rely on dispersed farms. It should be organised into cluster industrial parks,” Belachew said.

Presently, more than 100 horticultural producers are working on nearly 3 000 hectares of land across Ethiopia. The horticultural parks are designed to take advantage of a recent decision by Ethiopian Airlines to start direct flower freight services to the Belgian horticultural hub of Liege.

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