Evelyn Nguleka

EX-ZNFU boss Evelyn Nguleka dies

The former president of the Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) and the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO), Dr. Evelyn Nguleka, has died in Lusaka at the age of 46. She passed away yesterday at around 16:30 at the University Teaching Hospital after being admitted on Wednesday.

According to the Lusaka Times, the current ZNFU president, Jervis Zimba, confirmed her death, adding that the full details of her funeral will be issued as soon as Dr. Nguleka’s family had been consulted.

Details about the condition leading to her death were not clear. Dr. Nguleka resigned from her positions at the ZNFU and WFO in September 2016 after audits by KPMG and EMM Corporates indicated corruption at the union. She was arrested, along with the former executive director of the union – Ndambo Ndambo – by the Drug Enforcement Commission, and charged.

Dr. Nguleka was ‘n vet and activist for food security and since 2013 also the first women to be a president of the ZNFU. She was also a small farmer.

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