Farmer Cheats: Avoid wind damage

Have you ever had a blistering wind devastate a vegetable crop in a few minutes? No matter what you plant, wind will hammer young plants.

Western Cape vegetable farmers know just about everything there is to know about the damage wind can do to growing crops.

But rather than resorting to expensive wind barriers made of plastic or shade netting, they have come with a useful and cost-effective solution.

Simply plant cheap, feed-grade fodder crops like oats or triticale (a cross between wheat and rye) two months before you plant your vegetables on either side of your vegetable rows.

Alternatively, you could just broadcast it in the field where you plan to plant the vegetables, and when you’re ready to start planting, pull out the fodder crop on the rows where the vegetables will go and use the pulled-up fodder crop as mulch.

Leave the grains standing upright on either side of each row to break the wind. This way, you’re not only saving your crop from wind damage, but the mulch will also keep you moisture in the soil!

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