Farmer cheats: Homegrown machines

A farming celebrity. That’s the only way to describe Michris Janse van Rensburg from the farm Mooiuitsig in Bultfontein in the Free State.

This innovator specialises in designing and builiding a range of practical farming equipment that makes the lives of especially small-scale farmers a whole lot easier.

No wonder Michris named his range of machinery Backsaver Farming Equipment!

At an agricultural show like Nampo in the Free State or the Agritech farming show in Chisambo, Zambia, look no further than the crowd of excited small-scale famers – that is where you’ll find Michris demonstrating his machines.

His latest design is a pumpkin planter with adjustable rows. Then there is the popular precision hand-held fertiliser applicator, a must-have for every small-scale operation, whether you are a maize farmer working on 1ha in the former Transkei or a cabbage farmer based outside Jo’burg.

Other clever options: a small sprayer that can be used to spray weeds between rows of young plants, a small maize planter that applies both fertilser and seeds with every pass, a wire tightener and much more.

Go to, email Michris at, or call him on 073 454 4111 for more information.

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