Farmer Cheats: Looking after young animals

We spoke to some commercial farmers about the basic equipment you should have at hand if you are taking care of young animals.

Here is their list of must-haves:

■■ Teats and bottles

■■ Washing-up liquid for cleaning teats and bottles after each feed

■■ Milton for sterilising teats and bottles

■■ Electrolytes

■■ Wound spray for open wounds

■■ Eye powder or paste for eye infections

■■ Deworming medication for treating tapeworm and roundworm

■■ Antibiotics (tetracycline and sulphurbased injectables)

■■ Syringes and needles

■■ A weigh band and a thermometer

■■ A fridge for storing vaccines

■■ An ear-tag applicator, ear tags and a pen for identifying animals

■■ A Burdizzo clamp for castration

Clean feeding equipment is paramount in caring for lambs, kids or calves.

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