Farmers burn their own energy for transport

Zambian farmers use sustainable energy models, like the bicycle, to transport produce, even though most of them own some form of utility vehicle.

Jasper Raats, South African agricultural journalist, who is used to South African farmers driving everywhere in their bakkies, recently travelled through Zambia and was pleasantly suprised: “In Zambia, farmers use one ton only to transport huge loads, like a ton, but not for a few eggs or a can of milk!”

Sebastian Scott, from the Kafue district, began a daily transport run to the Kafue market about 11 years ago. Scott used his bicycle and a trailer to transport 150 kg of organically grown fresh produce from his farm to the market.

Sebastian Scott next to his bicycle and trailer.

From this fairly humble, but robust, start-up platform he has grown his business and built a training centre (in the background on the photo) where he teaches other farmers how to practice organic production.

These days Scott has access to his pick-up truck, but his bicycle is always ready to do the trip. – JASPER RAATS

A farmer transports several trays of eggs on the back of his bike.

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