Climate Smart

Zambian smallholder farmers get ‘Climate Smart’ training

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) will train 1 800 Zambian smallholder farmers in Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) to increase productivity and enhance resilience.

National Technical Coordinator Misael Kokwe said the training will not only help farmers cope with the adverse effects of climate change, but will also improve farm yields and household incomes. “This is an effective way of boosting rural communities’ resilience and adaptive capacities essential to safeguarding food security,” he said.

The catchment area for training will be in Nyimba and Mambwe districts in Eastern Province.

Contrary to conventional agricultural development, CSA systematically integrates climate change into the planning and development for sustainable agricultural systems. It aims to reduce the exposure of farmers to short-term risks, while also strengthening their resilience by building their capacity to adapt and prosper when facing problems.

“Particular attention is given to protecting ecosystem services,” Kokwe said.

Examples of specific CSA training the farmers will undergo, include soil management, drought-tolerant crops, dairy development, rainfall forecasts and incentive systems for low-carbon agriculture.

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