Farming cheats: Getting that extra two tons of maize

Maize needs different nutrients at different times if it is to give the highest possible yield. Ask your local expert about what nutrients a maize plant needs in what vegetative or reproductive stages.

Apply the correct quantities of those nutrients at the correct times. During germination, for instance, maize needs enough phosphate and zinc for strong germination.

Plants must also be able to develop a sound root structure. Also remember to not apply too much nitrogen initially, because too much of this nutrient at this stage can interfere with the plant’s uptake of phosphate.

Climatic conditions can also influence the uptake of nutrients. For instance, the ratio of potassium to boron that is applied differs, depending on what the weather is like at the time.

Experienced farmers will tell you that while everyone wants to work according to a plan, you must also stay flexible enough to accommodate the weather.

That’s also why record keeping is so important. By keeping a daily diary, you can always go back to the previous year so you can learn from your successes and mistakes, and make the necessary changes.

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