GMOs: Debate rages on Zambia

Hivos Southern Africa Hub has re-ignited the debate on the use of genetically modified (GMOs) foods, advising consumers to shun it.

“We are deeply concerned about choices Zambians are making on GMOs as opposed to sticking to non-GMO locally produced food,” said William Chilufya, regional advocacy manager

Hivos Southern Africa Hub aims towards an open and green society, inspired by humanist values such as freedom, dignity, responsibility and curiosity. One of its major goals is to ensure freedom, dignity and a sustainable planet.

Zambia has no clear policy on GMOs, but the National Biosafety Act of 2007 is aimed at overseeing the import of GMO products.

Chilufya said locally produced foods are healthy, as proven over generations. He said in modern times however, there are many diseases.

“We need greater consumer awareness to encourage Zambians to consume locally produced food,” Chilufya said.

In 2002, Zambia caught the attention of the world by declining international food aid during a regional famine, because it was genetically modified.

The country was criticized internationally for its strong anti-GMO stance, but these days there is more willingness to accept GMOs.

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