Government considering massive maize export to DRC

The Zambian government is considering another temporary waiver on its moratorium on maize exports, after a request from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to import 20 000 tons of maize.

Last week government issued a similar waiver for the export of 10 000 tons of maize to Zimbabwe.

“We are considering a request from DRC to import 20 000 tons of maize from the private sector here,” agriculture minister Dora Siliya said on Tuesday.

Jean Marie-Kilosho, the DRC’s acting agriculture minister, delivered the request on behalf of his country.
Siliya said government will only play a facilitation role, in the event that the request from the DRC is granted.

“Government made a difficult decision to ban maize exports. It is not in the interest of myself and government to stand in the way of Zambians to make money from exporting maize,” she said.

Sources told the latest request from the DRC will embolden grain traders to petition government to overturn its decision to ban maize exports.

The North-Western Province meanwhile lifted the ban on the movement of maize it had imposed earlier, in order to curb smuggling.

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