Govt release K300m to speed up agricultural input delivery

The government has released ZMW300 million to accelerate the delivery of agricultural input to farmers.

Minister of Agriculture, Dora Siliya, confirmed in Lusaka that release of these funds would fast-track distribution of seed and fertiliser to areas that have not yet received inputs.

“The ZMW300 million is to clear outstanding debt owed to seed and fertiliser suppliers and transporters,” Siliya said.

President Lungu stepped in to address the nation-wide outcry about delayed farming inputs under the auspices of the government’s Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP). Lungu said he expected completion of distribution within a week.

“Trucks are on the road to distribute inputs to all areas that have not received them,” said Siliya.

According to local Zambian radio station, BreezeFM, all 27 000 farmers in the Eastern Province’s Petauke region had collected their e-vouchers.

District commissioner, Velenasi Banda, told BreezeFM that farmers had collected inputs and were preparing to plant.

NGO Musika has been training agri-dealers in various districts of the Southern Province on how to encourage small-scale farmers to use their e-vouchers.

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