Greenhouses: Webinar to learn directly from Dutch experts

Few countries can measure up to the high standard of greenhouse cultivation maintained in the Netherlands, the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world.

Hoogendoorn, a Dutch company specialising in the automation of indoor plant cultivation, will present a free webinar on 25 January covering the balancing of energy in your plants in any tunnel or greenhouse.

This webinar is the last in a series of 4 that focus on optimising resources to maximise quality and productivity in greenhouses.

During this webinar you can learn how to get a more active, homogeneous climate in your greenhouse without spending extra money, how to reduce disease pressure through preventing condensation, as well as how to produce more resilient plants.

The duration of the webinar is approximately 1 hour and it will be broadcast at 09:00 CET or 15:00 CET on 25 January 2018. Register for this webinar before 23 January at this link.

René Beerkens, a greenhouse expert with more than 17 years’ experience in the digital management of greenhouses, and Ton Habraken, a greenhouse climate consultant for producers and installers in the Netherlands, will present the webinar.

The first 3 webinars in the series can also be downloaded from www.hoogendoorn.nl.

Contact René Beerkens on rbe@hoogendoorn.nl for more information.

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