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Hope for Zambian poultry producers as feed price declines

The Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) says the decline in the price of chicken feed will boost local production.

“Now that the cost of feed is coming down remarkably thanks to the reduced price of maize and soya beans, we can see a silver lining for the industry,” PAZ said in a statement.

Total maize production in the 2016/’17 season was 3.6 million tons, while soya bean production was 351 000 tons. The bumper harvest of the two crops led to lower prices of K35–K70/kg for maize and K2.35/kg for soya.

PAZ said the big harvest meant a decline in prices by as much as 10% over the past few months. Prices range between K200 and K230 for a 50 kg bag. Previously, prices hovered around K265 per 50 kg.

Recently, the Zambian poultry sector was exposed to several market vagaries, including power cuts, the escalating cost of feed and the depreciation of the kwacha. This was bad news for local producers and especially broiler production, which declined as a result of rising costs.

Increasing the problems for local producers is an influx of cheap poultry imports that flooded the market until a recent ban after the outbreak of bird flu.

PAZ said the market had now taken a positive swing with increased demand locally and in the Great Lakes Region, a major outlet for local producers.

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