Indigenous goats on display at first ever international auction


The first ever International Prestige Indigenous Veld Goat Auction is coming to the town of Upington in South Africa’s Northern Cape. Organisers hope the event will propel interest in local breeds.

Indigenous Veld Goat Breeders’ Association chairman Lourens Erasmus said the aim of the auction is to encourage and promote interest in indigenous goat breeds in southern Africa in general and specifically in the four eco-types South Africa has.

“This is an important way to promote interest in Indigenous Veld Goats. It is incredible, but true, that there are people out there who have never heard of these wonderful animals,” Erasmus told

He said the auction provides the opportunity for the exchange of breeding material with Namibia. The association also hopes to raise awareness of, and assist with developing indigenous breeds from countries like Botswana and Zambia.

Interested buyers will have access to an offering of 81 ewes and 12 rams*, from the Eastern Cape Xhosa Lobear – , Northern Cape Speckled – and Mbuzi/Nguni eco-types.

“Only stud quality animals will be offered. These are animals without any visible errors in body conformation and showcases functional efficiency characteristics,” Erasmus said.

The ewes will be pregnant or have young kids.

Erasmus said there is quite some interest in the show, even from non-members of the association. These include international buyers from Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. Erasmus said the association also looks forward to meeting these breeders, as well as prospective breeders.

The association decided to host an international auction to enhance the indigenous goat gene pool of South African and Namibian breeders.

The Indigenous Veld Goat Association is also celebrating its 10th anniversary and Erasmus said he hopes the upcoming auction is the start of many great things for Indigenous Veld Goats.

• The auction takes place on Saturday, 27 May at the Upington Show in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

*(The number of goats on offer differs from advertised numbers because Namibian breeders where not able to bring their animals in to the country)

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