Jacto ready at Nampo with spray and spread solutions

14 May 2024

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Jacto’s focus on providing excellent solutions for every farmer, alongside outstanding customer service, makes its stand at Nampo a must for farmers in the market for quality sprayers and spreaders.

The Brazilian company Jacto has been involved in the South African market for more than 30 years and is popular among farmers for good reason. 

The Nampo Harvest Day is the ideal showcase where this manufacturer can display its products tailored to the local market and where its experts can help farmers find solutions for their specific needs.

This year’s exhibition will highlight the Uniport 5030 NPK fertiliser spreader. The features of this spreader make it an essential tool for the farmer who farms with precision to save costs while also preserving the soil.

“The self-propelled Uniport 5030 NPK is one of the top performers in its category,” says Walter Mosquini, Jacto’s manager for international markets.

“This spreader has excellent fertiliser and corrective soil application width, increased manoeuvrability compared to other similar tools, greater operational efficiency, and it reduces crop damage.”

The Uniport 5030 NPK has a capacity of 5 000 kg and an application width of up to 50 m. The accuracy and quality of application are achieved thanks to the rotation control of the application band and the height of the gates that open and close automatically.

See for yourself

Farmers can visit Jacto’s stand to see what this tool has to offer. Jacto’s specialists working at its industrial plant, as well as local dealers, will also be there.

“This dedicated team is ready to offer customers the best solutions for their farming,” says Walter.

The Uniport 5030 is just one of the excellent tools that Jacto offers farmers. “We have a wide range of sprayers for annual crops, including self-propelled sprayers, such as the Uniport 2030 and the Uniport 3030 Vortex. There are also boom sprayers, such as the Columbia AD 18, Uniport 4530, Advance 3000/24, Condor 1200, Condor BX and Condor 600/14.”

For perennial crops, Jacto has the Arbus 4000, Arbus 2000/300, Arbus 1000 and Arbus 400 sprayers. These sprayers offer excellent cost-effectiveness for fruit farmers.

“We provide equipment that meets the needs of each individual agricultural group. This ranges from equipment with or without technology applications suitable for small-scale farmers to the most advanced technology available on the market for larger farmers.”

Things to consider

The Nampo Harvest Day is an opportunity for farmers to get information about a specific product in one place and to compare what the various manufacturers offer. 

Walter’s advice to farmers in the market for new spray or spread equipment is to first look at the customer and after-sales service that the supplier provides. “Make sure that support will be readily available wherever you make your purchase. Also, evaluate the cost-benefit ratio of the equipment carefully.

“When considering a purchase from Jacto, evaluate the level of commitment we offer to our customers.”

Jacto has an unwavering focus on customer service and improving operational efficiency in the field. The fundamental principle at Jacto is to optimise every component and unit installed on a sprayer or fertiliser spreader for maximum intelligence.

As such, most components are self-designed and manufactured.

“Our designers carefully evaluate each component or system, considering not only its service life and reliability but also the ease of use for operators,” says Walter.

“The primary distinctions between Jacto tools and those of our competitors are longer service life, streamlined simplicity in operation, intuitive functionality, high reliability, minimal maintenance and operating costs, and integrated features for precision farming technology.”

Inquiries: jacto.com/africa

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