Keep on learning and your farming business will keep growing

Duncan Serapelwane, an esteemed Bonsmara breeder who farms in the Kalahari, near Morokweng in the North West, knows the value of learning from the giants that walked before him. Angie Khumalo, host of the television show African Farming, visited him during the fourth episode of the series.

During the studio interview of the episode, Angie wanted to know from Jean Elloh, John Deere Sales Manager: Western Africa, what the true value of training is for emerging farmers like herself, in running a successful farm as Serapelwane does.

“To get to Duncan’s level of success, training is paramount,” Elloh said.

“When we sell a John Deere product, we sell a package that includes training. Training is a key component to what we offer. We see the value in it, and recently entered into a collaboration agreement with Peritum, an agricultural training institute, to deliver training to our farmers and employees.”

Agriculture is a tough industry that requires farmers and workers to stay on top of their game, especially when it comes to precision science and large-scale business. Peritum recently said in a press release on the collaborative agreement, that budding farmers not only need to be at the forefront of new technological developments but should also be able to operate these systems and equipment to their utmost capacity.

John Deere believes that once farmers are familiar with their systems, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to them. This provide those with the know-how on how to operate John Deere’s sophisticated machinery, with so much more opportunities to expand their horizons and get the most out of every hectare of land. The Peritum Agri Institute offers advanced equipment operator training to assist new farmers in obtaining these skills.

In the press release Belinda Louw, director of the Peritum Group, says that the ever-evolving and advancing technological landscape of agriculture demands regular skills updates on technological solutions and farming equipment.

“A farmer that stays abreast of technological development can ensure optimal operation and utilisation of farming equipment, a key driver for both production and financial efficiencies.”

The three-day Advanced Equipment Operator course is ideally aimed at equipment operators wanting to acquire more advanced skills, young students or farmers who want to work on farms locally and in the United States, and farmers who perform contract farming.

Louw states that having such training allows students to enter the farming sector as trained, skilled and certified equipment operators, which improves their chances of securing employment.

For information: John Deere, 011 437 2600.


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