Learn but also get a mentor

During the fourth episode of African Farming, the agricultural television show on Mzansi Wethu (channel 163), Mr Praveen Dwarika, Managing Director of Lemang Agricultural Services, explained to the show’s host, Angie Khumalo, why it’s important to not only do extensive training in agriculture, but to also learn from those who are already successful.

Mr Duncan Serapelwane is a former teacher with no agricultural training. Today he’s a leading and award-winning stud farmer in Morokweng, North West. Walk in the footsteps of giants such as Duncan, and you will learn how to become a successful farmer.

AFGRI’s well-respected Lemang Agricultural Services is especially designed to give new-era farmers starting off in the industry, a leg up through training, mentorship, and advice. They understand what it takes to be a successful farmer and that a well-run farm takes passion, dedication, and sometimes that little something extra.

“We run various SETA- accredited programmes; we do animal health, crop production and mixed farming. But most importantly, we also give business and financial management training,” said Dwarika.

Dwarika stated that it is important to remember the contribution a farmer like Duncan can make, especially to an aspiring farmer who has had all the classroom training and knows what should be done on paper.

“At Lemang Agricultural Services it is very important to employ the right types of training and to put you through a comprehensive training program. We feel comfortable that when you have earned your certificate, you will be proud to say that you know what you put into it and that you learned what you need to know.

“But never underestimate the roll of a proper mentor in agriculture. A guy like Duncan is the perfect farmer to reach out to in collaboration with your training. Ask him to mentor you and to tell you how to join hands and become a successful commercial farmer,” said Dwarika.

Dwarika has always lived by this motto in life: If the learner hasn’t learned, it’s only because the teacher hasn’t taught.

“Therefore, we take teaching extremely seriously. However, we can do as much classroom training as we like, we can issue a beautiful glossy certificate, but if you don’t have conversations with industry leaders and get their opinions, you won’t get anywhere. Walk in the footsteps of giants like Duncan.”

For information: Visit https://www.afgri.co.za/lemang-agricultural-services/

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