Mauritius dairy cooperative takes delivery of first refrigerated milk tanker

The African Asian Rural Development Organisation (AARDO) has donated a refrigerated milk truck to the Mauritius Livestock Marketing Cooperative Federation (MLMCF).

The truck is expected to improve the transportation and storage of milk products as part of a broader government plan to boost the dairy value chain. Mauritian Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives Minister Soomilduth Bholah said the truck will complement government efforts to strengthen dairy sector cooperatives.

He said local milk production has declined over the past few years, leaving the country to import up to 85% of its milk and milk product requirements. Bholah said the government has since contracted AARDO to restructure the dairy sector.

The project involves the setting up of a milk logistics system and stabilising supplies to ensure efficiency in the collection and processing of produce. At least 14 dairy cooperatives affiliated to the MLMCF are expected to benefit from the truck.

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