Namibian trucks still in Zambia after timber ban


Zambian officials continue to tighten the screws on the illegal trade in Mukula and consequently impounded a number of trucks, the Republikein reports.

Charity Mwiya, manager of member services at the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), said officials prevented six trucks with Namibian registrations to leave the country.

“I want to emphasise that with regards to the two lorries at Mumbwa, it is not indicated why they have not been allowed to return to Nambia.”

The Namibian newspaper reports that two trucks are still impounded at Mumbwa, one at Kalamo and three at Sesheke.

Only 14 of 37 Namibian trucks, impounded five months ago, have returned to the country.

Zambian authorities have allowed 31 trucks to return to Namibia.

However, 17 trucks are being held at the border due to exemption procedures which can take up to three days.

Earlier this month, reported that the Zambian government claimed victory over the smuggling of Mukula logs and released 272 impounded trucks.

The Republikein reported that 194 trucks were impounded due to illegitimate documentation. 45 trucks from Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana remain stranded at Kafue.

Zambian Lands and Environment Minister Jean Kapata said “we have managed to bring under control the smuggling of Mukula trees following the tough measures we put in place. The ban will stay in place and only those holding concession licenses will continue to operate”.

Zambia imposed a ban on the trade of wood in January in an effort to protect the local Mukula tree. The move comes after increased demand from China and is also an effort to curb deforestation.

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