Nigerian stores told to clear GM products

The National Bio-safety Management Agency (NBMA) of Nigeria ordered Super Store operators to clear GM (genetically modified) products from their shelves, by 21 October, or face sanctions.

According to Nigerian publication, Vanguard, the directive was issued by the NBMA’s director-general, Dr. Rufus Ebegba, during a meeting with Super Store representatives in Abuja.

The meeting was held to create awareness of Bio-safety regulations among store operators and to direct them on rules surrounding the import of GM products. Ebegba warned that there would be serious consequences for those who traded GM products after the seven day grace period.

Ebegba said it was a serious issue because most of the Super Stores bought in supplies from other countries, where production, and marketing, of GM foods was permitted. He told operators to get the necessary permits to make their dealings official.

“There is a law in place, we would not want any segment of society, out of ignorance, to act in such a way as to infringe the existing law,” Ebegba said.

The NBMA was established by the NBMA Act of 2015 and is empowered to regulate the activities of modern biotechnology and the use of GMOs.

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