Overcoming financial obstacles with smart solutions

Cocky Mokoka, a successful commercial farmer in Gauteng is building a legacy farming with soybean, sunflower, maize and cattle. Part of his plan is to own a fleet of green and yellow tractors and planting equipment.

Mokoka tells the story of his father, a subsistence farmer, who left him a planter as his inheritance. This planter is still on his farm as a reminder of the past, and a beacon of hope for the future. Angie Khumalo, host of African Farming, interviewed Jean Elloh, John Deere sales manager: Western Africa, during the third episode of the television series (channel 163), about Mokoka’s dream of having a fleet of John Deere machines.

“He is full of compliments for your company and calls it the Rolls-Royce of tractors,” Khumalo said.

Elloh is looking forward to helping Mokoka realise his dream.

“We already contacted him and are excited about helping him. In a case such as his, we would send a representative from John Deere Financial to visit his farm and take a look at his books. If all is in order, we will be able to find a financial solution that suits his needs.”

According to Elloh the cost of and access to credit can be a concern for farmers such as Mokoka, but John Deere Financial has various ways in which to assist these farmers to acquire the equipment they need.

John Deere Financial helps producers overcome this obstacle by supporting their clients with quick and easy credit processes for financing new John Deere equipment. Agricultural asset finance packages are structured according to the farmer’s specific circumstances and mechanisation requirements and are available for any new farming equipment, subject to purchase at an authorised John Deere dealership.

John Deere Financial is familiar with the cyclical nature of agriculture and understands that the availability of cash is the lifeblood of a business. Their finance packages are structured to support a healthy cash flow to promote the growth of an agricultural operation.

The company is not merely there to make a sale but rather to offer customised solutions that will help a farmer achieve the highest possible level of efficiency. When John Deere Financial structures a finance package, they not only consider the state of balance sheet, but also the production value of the farm as a whole.

Who has the time to queue in a bank? John Deere Financial’s representatives help to make the application process as hassle free as possible.

The farmer is assigned to a dedicated relationship banker who will focus on his specific banking needs. Furthermore, John Deere Financial aspires to offer customers highly competitive interest rates on new equipment asset finance.

For information: John Deere, 011 437 2600.

Website: www.deere.com/sub-saharan/en

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