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Rainy season still in full swing over Southern Africa

Cyclone Dineo has passed, but above average rain is still expected for most of Southern Africa in the next few days.

“Heavy rainfall looks like it will be a big story again for the outlook period between 23 February and 1 March. Enhanced rain, possibly more than 100mm is forecast for Zimbabwe, southern Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and southern Tanzania. This was according to the latest Africa Hazard Outlook (AHO) released by the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

However, rainfall in southern Mozambique and South Africa should let up.

Soil saturated by continuous rain since December, increases the risk of flooding, due to greater runoff.

Weekend planning

According to the weekly forecast from the Climate Prediction Centre at the NOAA moderate rainfall can be expected over the weekend until 28 February.

Central South Africa, southern Zimbabwe, and central and north western Zambia can expect rain of more than 50mm during this time.

Drier conditions are forecast for the rest of South Africa, and the western parts of Botswana.

Above average rainfall

After Cyclone Dineo made landfall last week there was heavy rain, with 100mm recorded in the South African and Zimbabwean interior.

According to AHO the persistent rainfall that has fallen in the last 30 days, has led record rain for many parts of Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and southern Mozambique.

“Many areas of Botswana, Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique and South Africa have observed more than twice their normal totals for the period,” said the AHO in a statement.

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