Record price of R2,2m for top cow and calf at auction

9 February 2024

The Boran cow BH 20 221 Kelly and her bull calf Kingpin BH 23 284, from the renowned Hurwitz Farming Boran stud, were sold for a staggering R2,2 million at an auction jointly hosted by Hurwitz Farming and Hotspot Cattle owned by Stompie Olivier.

This is not only a breed record price but the highest price paid for any cow and calf of all breeds in South Africa.

Simeon Hurwitz, managing director of Hurwitz Farming, said the package, consisting of Kelly and Kingpin, might be the pinnacle of breeding achieved by the stud. 

“It took me 12 years of breeding to produce a cow and calf with these types of genetic traits. Both are the result of literally the best breeding material we’ve ever had on the farm.”

Kelly’s lineage traces back to some of the most famous Boran cattle in South Africa, including names such as Hublot, Horizon, Eros, Kelly, Cremora and the renowned Picasso. The bull calf Kingpin is a grandson of Picasso and out of the dam Casanova. The buyer is the Sinyo Boran stud from Zimbabwe.

Collins Sinyo said Kelly and her calf are the reason he came to the auction. “Kelly is a proven cow, and from my history as a buyer of Hurwitz Farming’s animals, I know I bought high-quality breeding material. She will form a cornerstone of our stud with the aim of establishing the best Boran herd in Zimbabwe.”

It was the first auction jointly hosted by Hurwitz Farming and Hotspot Cattle, and Hurwitz praised the contribution Hotspot made to the auction. “It was a new idea and we must give credit to the auctioneer, SHM, for the idea of ​​holding a collaborative auction.”

The auction was a huge success, Hurwitz believes, with 21 cows and calves sold for an average price of R387 857. 

Nine three-in-one cows and calves were sold for an average of R290 555, with Lot 28 HOT 20 106 Socks and her bull calf 23 39 achieving the highest price of R600 000. The Sinyo Boran stud was also the buyer.

Four bulls were auctioned for an average price of R650 000. The highest price for a bull was R1,2 million for Sutton from Hurwitz Farming, with the Sinyo Boran stud once again the buyer.

“The idea is to make the best breeding material we have available to the industry. In this way, we all work together to promote the industry and achieve success together,” said Hurwitz.

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