Records broken during Boran production auction

8 August 2023

By: Gerrit Bezuidenhout

The highest price yet for a Boran bull was achieved over the weekend at Hurwitz Farming’s ninth production auction.

The bull BH 18 490 Jester was sold to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Ntaba Nyoni Boran stud near Badplaas for R3.5 million. 

The average price for bulls was just over R1 million, with the bull BH 18 123 Socrates being sold for more than R1 million.

Female animals also achieved high prices, with 3-in-1 cows selling for an average of just over R277 000. The highest price was R450 000 for BH 18 35 Dianna with a calf. The buyer was Mutanda Farms from Zambia.

Cows and calves had an average price of R403,438, with BH 19 286 with a calf being sold for the highest price of R800 000 to Paul de Wet of Green Valley Boran in Kestell, Free State. De Wet also paid R400 000 for sisters BH 20 538 and BH 20 461. The average price of heifers was R177 611.

The sale broke another record when 12 semen straws of the bull GF 10 23 Picasso were sold for R88 000 each. Picasso died last year when he was struck by lightning. The buyer committed to buying another 12 straws for R85 000 each.

The total turnover of the auction was about R24 million.

Simeon Hurwitz, managing director of Hurwitz Farming, paid tribute to his team for the success of the auction. “From marketing, all the way through to the daily care of our animals, the people involved with Hurwitz Farming are like family to us,” he said.

“The same goes for our buyers, and we thank everyone, from our sponsors to our service providers and every breeder who supported us.”

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