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Rwanda leads Africa in agricultural transformation – AU

Rwanda has been named as the continental leader in implementing the 7 goals of the African Union (AU) Malabo Declaration on Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation for Shared Prosperity and Improved Livelihoods.

The progress of all 47 AU member states is documented in the Africa Agriculture Transformation Scorecard (AATS).

The Inaugural Biennial Review Report on the implementation of the Malabo Declaration was presented at the recent AU Assembly of Heads of States and Government meeting.


“The report reveals that only 20 of the 47 Member States that reported are on track towards achieving the commitments set out in the Malabo Declaration. Rwanda leads the top 10 best performers with a score of 6.1, followed by Mali (5.6), Morocco (5.5), Ethiopia (5.3), Togo (4.9), Malawi (4.9), Kenya (4.8), Mauritania (4.8), Burundi (4.7) and Uganda (4.5).

“The report sets the 2017 benchmark at 3.94 out of 10 as the minimum score for a country to be considered on track towards achieving the Malabo commitments by 2025.”

Regionally, East Africa performed best with a score of 4.2, followed by Southern Africa with a score of 4.02. Lesotho topped the Highlight on Intra-African Trade of Agriculture Commodities and Services: Risks and Opportunities category.

Performance was measured on the value of goods and services traded with other AU member states, the development of facilities to improve intra-AU trade, and the stability of food commodities prices throughout 2015.

Botswana was rated the best performer in Facilitating Intra-African Trade of Agricultural Goods and Services. Performance was measured on physical infrastructure, transformation in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), border administration, bilateral trade-related agreements with other AU member states and immigration facilitation.

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