South Africa’s Minister of Agriculture calls investors to the agri-table

The South African Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Senzeni Zokwana, asked key investment players to look at investing in the African agricultural sector and make it possible to release the continent’s potential as the world’s food production hub.

During his speech at the African Agri Investment Indaba, on Monday in Cape Town, the minister invited investors to take the opportunity of doing business while advancing the sector, allowing it to play a greater role in food security, poverty reduction and development on the continent.

“Without you [investors] we can’t do it; with your aid we can only succeed,” said Zokwana.

The aim of the African Agri Investments Indaba is to provice a platform upon which various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain could meet and partner with possible investors.

Zokwana said growing demand for agricultural produce world-wide, and the fact that 60% of the world’s potential arable land is in Africa, made the continent a worthwhile investment destination.

“I invite all parties here today to support the mission of this continent to become the breadbasket of the world,” Zokwana said.

The crippling effects of the severe drought in the southern African agricultural sector could be offset by meaningful investment said the minister.

“My immediate project is to stabilise the agricultural sector and ensure it gets back to its glory days. To do that we need support from multiple stakeholders in the form of private public partnerships.”

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